15 Tips Apply To Avoid Dry Skin Condition During Winter

The dry skin condition is the one thing you should avoid if you want to have young and healthy skin. It has been proven that people who have excessively dry dermis condition are the ones who usually experience premature wrinkles and saggy dermis. When the skin fails to lock in moisture, the skin tissues are not properly hydrated. As a result, they get damaged quite easily.

Winter is the worst season for the skin. This is often the time when the frigid weather strips away the natural lipid layers of the dermis. There are many ways for you to avoid dry skin condition during the winter season. The following are some effective tips you should try:

Tip 1: Always bring an appropriate moisturizer. First, your moisturizer should be loaded with beneficial ingredients that can really correct damaged skin tissues. Look for the ingredients CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Manuka Honey.

CynergyTK is a compound extracted from the wool of sheep. What makes this vital to our skin is its functional keratin component. Keratin is the same type of complex protein that helps our skin in regenerating more collagen and elastin. This will help keep our skin elastic and firm. Phytessence Wakame is a type of seaweed found in the coastal areas of Japan. Other than a local sushi ingredient, this is also often used as a facial mask. It can actually hamper the loss of hyaluronic acid, the acid that supplies moisture to collagen proteins. Manuka honey is one of the best moisturizers. Since antiquity, it is often used as the treatment for dry skin and many other dermis diseases.

Tip 2: Shorten your bathing time and do not use hot water. Exposure to too much water can also strip away the lipids on the surface of your skin. The sebaceous gland will also detect an abundant amount of water as you bathe. As a result, it stops producing essential oil. This will temporarily cause dry dermis condition. Just use warm water when bathing in order to lock in moisture.

Tip 3: Exfoliate at least 3 times a week. During this time, your body turns over dead skin cells more. Since you do not sweat, these dead skin cells are a little difficult to get rid of. Exfoliate in order to prevent the accumulation of cells.

Use a mild exfoliant. Brown sugar mixed with honey or lemon juice can help soften and hydrate the skin.

Tip 4: The most important thing to keep in mind is that dry skin needs water, not oil. Oil or lotions may remove the appearance of the dry skin but does not solve the problem at all. You need to drink lots of water during winter because it acts as the body's purifier and freshener. Water is the best answer to have that glowing and healthy skin.

Tip 5: Another thing to do is to eat healthy foods; eating healthy foods results in healthy skin. What you eat will show on your skin; so if you eat fatty foods, then your skin will become oily, but if you eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, your skin will be healthy and glowing. Also, keep your face clean when going to bed. Before going to sleep, wash off your make up and put on your moisturizer. Treat your face gently and with care.

Tip 6: It is right to put off any form of stresses if not they will show on your face and skin. Try to relax and just enjoy life. Thinking too much about your problems will only put a couple wrinkles on your skin. Take things lightly. These are just a few tips to have a healthy skin all year round.

Tip 7: Avoid using soaps because if you do, your skin may become dry because soaps are alkaline. Instead, use moisturizing cleansers which keep the skin soft and supple. Glycerin-based soaps are good for winter season.

Tip 8: Install a dehumidifier in your room. This will keep your skin soft, dewy and supply all the time. That way, you can combat dry skin and skin aging problems even if you are sleeping or just lounging in your room.

Tip 9: Use a hydrating and anti-aging moisturizer twice a day. The best time to apply your moisturizer is after washing your skin, while your pores are still open. Pat your skin dry and massage the moisturizer into your dermis gently in a circular motion.

Tip 10: Avoid beverages and alcohol intake because
drinking coffee and alcohol in winter is not conducive to good health.  The body tends to lose water. This may cause your skin to dry and get chapped.

Tip11: Take pearl powder supplements, according to experts, this natural treatment can help minimize sun damage. Pearl powder can make your skin less vulnerable to UV rays. It is also capable of preserving the elastic and youthful structure of the dermis. You might want to purchase these supplements in the healthcare market.

Tip12: Also, always remember safe skin care requires that toxic free skin care products be used on the skin, the largest organ of the body. Keep in mind that over 70% of what is placed on the skin will penetrate the body and end up in the bloodstream. Many of these toxic ingredients have now been determined to cause cancer, respiratory problems, and even birth defects, just to name a few. Read labels and research the ingredients.

Tip 13: Use clothes appropriate for the season, so your clothes serve as your protection against external aging causes. Choose comfort and style. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes can damage your skin.

Tip 14: Also minimize the hair dryers usage, if your hair is already thin, weak and dry it is better to avoid the usage of Hair dryers. Switch to the cool drying option if you have to attend any occasion urgently and could not manage your wet hair.

Tip 15: Always using lip balm and Vaseline to smooth heels. Lips are subject to a lot of dryness and cracks in the winter season. Some people are in the habit of licking the dry lips which tends to worsen the situation. Always remember to purchase a good quality lip balm to make your lips in a healthier state. Vaseline is astounding for inflamed heals during winter. Simply apply large quantities of Vaseline before wearing your socks. Also, use shoes with thick soles to ease your feet during the harsh weather.